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Daily: 7.00 p.m. – 4.00 a.m.


Ron Con Soda
Seitenstettengasse 5
(Corner of Rabensteig)
A-1010 Vienna


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Viva la revolucion!

Speak out for the cause! A number of brave followers of our revolutionary cocktail creations have drafted brief proclamations – with heart-felt pathos – for a free, lively Cuba bar.

We are proud of them!

Florian, 29:
»I am a regular at the Ron and can only say: super atmosphere, pleasant music and, of course, world-class cocktails. Better than on Cuba. Mamun, you are simply the best!«

Julia, 21:
»I really enjoy meeting up with my friends at the Ron Con Soda. Fantastic atmosphere, friendly barkeeper who really knows his business, and delicious cocktails. The Tortuga is a must!«

Stefan, 41:
»I always enjoy coming back here because they offer perfect mixed drinks at good prices. You can also sit back comfortably and take in the cozy atmosphere, enjoy the good music, and relax or celebrate to your heart’s content.

The man in charge is the consummate barkeeper and even recognizes his guests if their last visit was a year ago. I’ll drink a »Long Island« to that! Keep up the good work!«

Franziska, 19:
»For me, Mamun alone is reason enough to keep coming back. He’s the best host around and always friendly and smart. The atmosphere, the people and the delicious drinks almost seem to have a way of making the glass refill itself ;-)«

Sascha, 24:
»The Ron Con Soda is a veritable oasis in the Bermuda Triangle and radiates authentic Cuban flair in imperial Vienna. As for the cocktails, attention has clearly been paid to quality, and not just quantity. You can taste this in every Tortuga.«

Dani, 18:
»All I can say is: cool people, cool drinks and a Casali, because that’s cool too!«

Hiro, 30:
»I came to the Ron Con Soda on the recommendation of a friend and really liked it. You get that authentic Cuba feeling and the Mojito couldn’t be better even in Havana.«

Karin, 36:
»A must for bar devotees! I know of no better cocktail bar in Vienna. Small, cozy, with relaxing music, great drinks and a friendly barkeeper. Greetings to Mamun!«

»Anything that has managed to survive 18 years in the Bermuda Triangle without disappearing is exceptional, as are the cocktails, the service, the ambiance and the staff there. Mixer-in-Chief Mamun is a dab hand with the shaker. This is where I like to drink my Mojito.«

Michaela, 35:
»This is a place where I always spend enjoyable evenings. There is always a pleasant atmosphere here and you get to meet cultured people with a sense of humor. My personal favorites: Bahama Mama and Mamun ;-)«

Jürgen, 39:
»Mamun and his cocktails are the reason I keep returning to the Ron. Atmosphere, class, drinks, service, music, bartender… everything is just right here! …and the Hurricane is sure to put the wind in your branches ;-)«

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We look forward to hearing from you!

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