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Opening hours

Daily: 7.00 p.m. – 4.00 a.m.


Ron Con Soda
Seitenstettengasse 5
(Corner of Rabensteig)
A-1010 Vienna


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Ron Con Soda –
The Cuban art of mixing drinks

Enjoy the finest Cuban cocktail creations in Vienna’s first rum bar! The Ron Con Soda, situated at the heart of the Bermuda Triangle area of Vienna’s 1st district, is the pearl among Vienna’s cocktail bars – authentic, lively, unique.

The bar was designed by star architect Gregor Eichinger in the style of a small Cuban “bodega” bar. In a casual setting and in cheerful company, savor one of our many fruity cocktails.

In addition to our extensive selection of original rum drinks, we are also happy to conjure up a mixed drink to meet your specific requirements. We’ll mix it with you with all we’ve got!

Allow us to welcome you to our Cuba bar with a rebellious »¡Bienvenidos y Salud!«

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