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Opening hours

Daily: 7.00 p.m. – 4.00 a.m.


Ron Con Soda
Seitenstettengasse 5
(Corner of Rabensteig)
A-1010 Vienna


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Well-dressed with the Ron Con Soda T-shirt!

The uniform of solidarity for every leisure-time rebel of our cocktail revolution – the Ron Con Soda T-shirt!

Smart, black, tried and tested in revolution – you’ll always look good in it, even after extensive patrols through the gastronomic undergrowth.

Ask for the Ron Con Soda T-shirt at the bar!

Price: 18 Euro

Image: T-Shirt RON CON SODA

Well-rolled – top-class cigars for real connoisseurs!

A well-rolled Cuban cigar conveys even more revolutionary charisma. It rounds off that genuine Cuba feeling and is a treat for the senses of every true connoisseur!

Practice the sublime pose of the revolutionary leaders of yore, such as Che and Fidel, and enjoy de luxe cigars from our selection with your drinks!

Ask at the bar for our range of choice cigars!

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